Linux – Kali Linux 2017 W7 First boot black screen with cursor


After installing Kali Linux 2017 W7 successfully from a usb, I restart my computer and boot into the hard drive. All I see is a black screen with a cursor blinking in the top left. I've tried mounting the image to my usb using Rufus (both ISO and DD) and win32 disk imager. Why am I booting into a black screen with a cursor?

May be Relevant:
I have windows installed on a different hard drive.
I did not put GRUB on the master boot record, I chose to put it on the hard drive that I installed Kali linux on.


  • Motherboard: Asus sabertooth z77
  • Graphics card: 2x GTX 780
  • 2 Monitors

Best Answer

I had this same problem when I installed kali on my virtual box. The exact same thing was happening. I switched my view to scaled view and then kali appeared. I think you're in the same situation. Boot your system. Then go to BIOS. Change the view to autoscale.