Linux – Mac and Windows Server 2008-based SSTP VPN. Does it work

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Does anyone know how to set up a Mac with a Windows Server 2008 SSTP VPN? Is it even supported? We have said VPN installed here, and I need to know if we can have Macs as well as Linux clients working with it.

Best Answer

Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to be possible.
Below are some sources for this information.

wikipedia: Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol

SSTP is only available in Windows since version Windows Vista SP1, and in RouterOS. It is fully integrated with the RRAS architecture in these operating systems, allowing its use with Winlogon or smart card authentication, remote access policies and the Windows VPN client.

PPTP/L2TP problems and SSL solutions

SSTP is a great addition to the VPN toolkit to enable users to remotely and securely connect to the corporate network. But there is no solution for Linux, MAC OS and other OS, SSTP limited only for Windows users and seems it's a big problem.

The next two sources are from private VPN providers.

VPN Gates

If you use a computer that installed Windows Vista or Windows 7, Congratulates you! you can use SSTP vpn on your computer. It's unfortunate that other operating system do not support SSTP vpn current.

Black Logic

SSTP Configuration instructions can be found here: SSTP VPN Configuration for Windows 7