Linux Mint VM in VirtualBox freezes with DISKFULL error

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Disk partitioning guide for Linux Mint Debian

This guides shows me how to partition my HD for Linux Mint. I'm trying to install Mint as a guest client on Windows 7 hosted VirtualBox. I used to let it freely partition my allocated space (80GB) but Mint always fails when I try to update or install any large software from the command prompt or update manager.

The error is DISKFULL and the OS hangs, therefore I have to power it off/forcefully shut it down.

Later on, I fail to boot it up again. It freezes. An error is displayed from the kernel stating that I need to upgrade or change the current BIOS; At this point Linux Mint is screwed up.

I have no idea how to bring it back. I always have to reinstall the OS and currently I am looking for information that helps me partition the HD myself. The link above helps, but I am thinking there are several places in Linux partitions (folders) that I need to divide my HD, while the above explanation only offers me 4 divisions (where are others, i.e. /var, /etc, /mnt, etc. ?).

Best Answer

Are you using Linux Mint 32 or 64 bit? I know I had some issues with the x64 Mint when not enough memory is allocated. Is your Windows 7 box a Intel or AMD? I had an issue with not having some BIOS setting setup to correctly run the VM. Also, what format are you formatting the drive in? This could play a part in some of the problems. Please provide more information so we can better help you.

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