Linux – Numlock on by default on Kali Linux


I am fairly new to this version of Linux.

I have it set so that when it boots, it automatically boots into the GUI for the operating system. This means when I load up the OS I am greeted with a login screen. My question is how to have it so NumLock is on by default at this point.

I have looked at ways of doing it and most the ways involve using NumLockX. I have gone off several forums on how to do it, here, here, and here. However they are for Ubuntu and Debian versions of Linux and they proved unsuccessful when I tried them on Kali. Is anyone aware of how to do it on Linux Kali? I would appreciate any help.


Best Answer

I had this problem with Kali, every time lock screen is on Nun Lock is off. My problem got solved after i changed Kali from XFORCE to GNOME.

Here is post on Kali page how to change to GNOME and related topics on that.

This is what worked for me and sorry i couldn't be of more Help (some detailed explanation with code how to solve this on XFORCE)