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I have a floppy disk with an unknown FS-(FileSystem). I want to make a copy from it but I can't because both Windows and Linux seem to be unable to read from it.

I tried many of the most popular apps to make image files (for example isomeric, winimage, …) but they are all unable to make an image.

On Linux I tried the dd command to copy it but it seems that not even dd is able to make a copy. I get many errors while reading from the disk, I looked them up and I found that dd was unable to read from it because of a bad sector – but when I test this floppy on the HITACHI system it works fine and I don't get any error.

The question is: how can I make a copy from this type of floppy? I've heard I can use a BIOS interrupt for this kind of things?

Best Answer

If dd and other raw read utilties don't work, it's highly likely that the disk sectors are bad - in which case no method of reading (BIOS interrupts or otherwise) will work.

How did you determine that the test on a Hitachi system "works fine"?

You could try the "noerror" option with dd to read the disk, but you'll only get partial data if read errors occur.