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Currently, I dual boot with win7 and opensuse 12.1. Is it okay if I first restore the MBR for win7, and then format the linux drives? Or would it be better for me to first format the linux drives, and then restore the MBR? The reason I ask this is sometimes I get nasty errors when I try and boot into my win7 cd in the latter method. Is it possible to restore the MBR without having to boot into the win7 cd? Like, can I remove linux using the disk management utility in win7, and then fix the mbr while I'm still in win7, or do I have to boot into the win7 cd? If I can do this, how do I go about doing so? Thank you.


The spamming of f8 didn't work, it just made loud beeping noises, so I decided to simply boot into my windows disk and use the

bootsect /nt60 SYS /mbr command. 

Note: I haven't formatted my linux partition yet. After I did that, I restarted my computer, and nothing happened. Basically, GRUB is still the MBR and I'm still able to access openSUSE. I think the reason why this is happening is because I think my GRUB is on a separate partion than the linux OS. Here is a picture of my diskmgmt in win7: My diskmgmt.exe.

openSUSE did all the partioning stuff for me. All I know is that the 40gb that is there is where openSUSE is installed, but I have no clue what's on the 6.05gb and the 14.75gb partitions. Can anyone help me find which partition GRUB is on, and then remove it so I can restore the windows MBR?
Thank you.

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You have multiple issues, starting with the fact that GRUB is installed to the MBR and ending with the fact that your Linux partition is marked as active. This means that changing the MBR bootloader is not enough.

  1. Boot into Windows 7, start disk management (the screenshot you showed) and assign a partition letter 200 MiB NTFS partition at the start of the driver.
  2. Download and install EasyBCD (free).
  3. In EasyBCD, change the boot partition to the 200MiB partition you assigned a letter to.
  4. In EasyBCD, go to the BCD Deployment page and reinstall the Windows Vista/7 MBR code.
  5. At this point, you can re-open disk management and unassign the partition letter if you choose.
  6. At this point, you can re-open disk management and format the Linux partitions, if you choose.
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