Linux – Set proxy to auto in Linux Mint


I need to set a system wide proxy setting to automatically search the proxy settings like it's possible in windows.
I use Linux Mint Xfce and don't find any place in the GUI where I'm able to set my proxy settings. I'd also use a terminal to configure some proxy config files if there are any.

Important is, that the proxy settings apply to browsers (chromium, firefox) and apt-get (which also uses http, right?) and are set to auto search for proxy.

I know about the http_proxy, ftp_proxy etc. variables. But I don't know yet how to configure my system to autodiscover proxy settings.

Best Answer

  1. Create a script file under /etc/profile.d/

export http_proxy=$proxyserver
export ftp_proxy=$proxyserver

  1. chmod +x
  2. after reboot/relogin the settings are systemwide