Linux – Sharpkeys program alternative for linux


Sorry it's the second time that I post this question because till now I can't found solution :

My keyboard is damaged, the keyboard key [é] is always pressed and it prevents me from working on LinuxMint Distribution .
(writing in terminal is impossible !! I can't type any things always the é button interfere and it's chaos(èèèèèèèèèèè…..) )

I am looking for something a little more noob than Xmodmap or xev to get my keyboard right ??

Is there any GUI apps that I can download from their app stores or software manager?

Best Answer

xmodmap -e "keycode 123 = 0x0000"

with the 123 being replaced with the keycode of your hung key.

Use xev to identify the keycode for your broken key. Also look at its man page, it's a good quick reference, too.

ArchWiki has a good description for xmodmap