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I run Arch, and I recently grabbed the 3.12 upgrade for GNOME. I've had F12 bound to terminator for a while, since I often have to summon new terminals.

Ever since the upgrade, using a hotkey for a command can take up to 30 seconds, when it used to be instant. Launching the program graphically is still instant.

I've tried using different hotkeys, and I've tried binding the hotkeys to different commands, and they all behave this way.

Best Answer

  • From the bug filed by xgdgsc, this slow response to GNOME shortcuts appears to be caused by gnome-keyring-daemon. In particular, having multiple instances of the daemon appears to cause shortcut execution to pause while attempting to communicate with the daemon until it times out. You can use the following command to check if you have multiple instances of the daemon running:

    pgrep gnome-keyring --list-full

    On CentOS 7 with GNOME 3.14.2, I was able to work around this by killing both processes:

    killall gnome-keyring-daemon

    gnome-keyring-daemon automatically restarted with only one instance when I next used a GNOME keyboard shortcut, and the shortcut executed instantaneously.

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