Linux – TeamViewer doesn’t catch Alt+Tab in Linux Mint (Mate)


When I run Teamviewer on Windows, when I press Alt+Tab, TeamViewer catches it and sends it to the remote OS, which then switches its windows.

But when I'm running Teamviewer on Linux Mint (Mate) and I press Alt+Tab, I just switch from Teamviewer to another window on my host computer.

Is there a way to make Teamviewer catch the Alt+Tab key combination? Perhaps the Window manager (marco in this case) can be told to not process Alt+Tab if the current window is Teamviewer?

Best Answer

I found a solution by chance (but I've since switched to Lubuntu):

Alt+WinKey+Tab works! It's a bit cumbersome shortcut, but it's better than nothing. But I've tested it only on Lubuntu (which uses Openbox as the window manager). Still, I think it should work on MATE too.