Linux – TeamViewer for the Linux console


I have several Raspberry Pi's running DietPi (debian based) distributed in different locations. My clients are companies and everyone has a different network infrastructure.

I need to have access to my devices through ssh, but the problem is that I can't always open a port in my client's router.

There are several solutions, like reverse ssh port forwarding, but as long as I can evaluate them, they are hacks that are not very reliable.

I need to handle the possibility that the RPi might reboot, the client's router will loose internet connection for a while, etc.

So, my question is: Is there a TeamViewer like service for the Linux console? Robust, reliable and independent from the router configuration.

Best Answer

If you really just want a terminal, maybe plain ssh is perfect for you, and working on getting it going is the real issue.

Otherwise, did you try a web search for "TeamViewer like service for the Linux"?

Terminal Server Support in Teamviewer:

How does the terminal server support work?

On server operating systems, TeamViewer operates without any special adaptation.

However, please make sure to activate the Enhanced multi-user support Option (activated by default for TeamViewer 9 and later) in the Options under Advanced. This option generates an individual TeamViewer ID for every user who connects to the server using Remote Desktop (RDP) by Microsoft as well as for the physical console. Therefore, parallel and individual work of each session is possible.

The Info Dialog now displays two different IDs:

  • Server ID:
    • TeamViewer ID of the console of the server operating system (as if one were physically sitting in front of the server)
  • User ID:
    • TeamViewer ID of the user logged into this server using RDP.