Linux – Turn off monitor (energy saving) while in text console mode (in Linux)


How to configure Linux text console to automatically turn of the monitor after some time?

And by "text console" I mean that thing that you get on ctrl+alt+F[1-6], which is what you get whenever X11 is not running. And, no, I'm not using any framebuffer console (it's a plain, good and old 80×25 text-mode).

Many years ago, I was using Slackware Linux, and it used to boot up in text-mode. Then you would manually run startx after the login. Anyway, the main login "screen" was the plain text-mode console, and I remember that the monitor used to turn off (energy saving mode, indicated by a blinking LED) after some time.

Now I'm using Gentoo, and I have a similar setup. The machine boots up in text-mode, and only rarely I need to run startx. I say this because this is mostly my personal Linux server, and there is no need to keep X11 running all the time. (which means: I don't want to use GDM/KDM or any other graphical login screen)

But now, in this Gentoo text-mode console, the screen goes black after a while, but the monitor does not enter any energy-saving mode (the LED is always lit). Yes, I've waited long enough to verify this.

Thus, my question is: how can I configure my current system to behave like the old one? In other words, how to make the text console trigger energy-saving mode of the monitor?

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Best Answer

I'm not totally sure, but if you have setterm -blank <n> set in one of your initialization files, try something like:

setterm -blank 10 -powerdown 15

The vbetool command can be handy sometimes:

vbetool dpms off

You will need to have APM or ACPI enabled in your kernel.

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