Linux – Using WinSCP with SFTP server and two SSH tunnel hops


I'm on a Windows machine using PuTTY to ssh into my schools server. From there I need to slogin -XY machine1 and then slogin -XY machine2.

Ideally, I'd like to use WinSCP to connect and transfer files. I know I can do this by using two copies of PuTTY, one to ssh into the server and create a proxy, and the second PuTTY to connect to the proxy and login to machine1 and create a second proxy. I can then use WinSCP to connect to the proxy server and login to machine2…

Is there a simpler way of doing this?

Best Answer

  • You can use MobaXterm: it has a graphical sftp function like WinSCP, but it also allows you to go through your machine hops automatically. They call it "SSH bouncing".

    You just have to
    - download MobaXterm from here:
    - Click on "New session" and choose "ssh"
    - Specify your first machine name or IP address in the "SSH bouncing (connect through a gateway ssh server).

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