Linux – VLC: How to delete file on disk


I download videos from Youtube to watch later. I use VLC to watch the videos and when I am done watching a video I would like to remove the file on disk directly from VLC.

I have found several guides on how to implement this, but none of them work for me:

If I follow those nothing happens: No buttons and if there is a keyboard shortcut I am not being told.

So how do I get a button/keyboard shortcut in VLC to delete the video file currently playing from disk?

I use VLC 2.0.8 on GNU/Linux Mint.

Best Answer

  • So put the file in ~/.local/share/vlc/lua/extensions. I call it DeleteFile.lua.

    When you start VLC you get a new menu item: View > Detetefile. It is this last step I was missing.

    Edit 20200306

    The code did not work very well. I changed it:

    It now searches for a dir called .waste in the dir of the file and any (grand*)parent dirs, and moves the file there. So you need to create a dir called .waste.

    When you start VLC you get a new menu item: View > Move currently playing file into wastebasket.

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