Linux – way to take a screenshot in KDE desktop by pressing only the “PrtSc” key


I am using Fedora 25. I have installed both GNOME and KDE and some other desktop systems. I frequently take screenshots when I see any video like tutorial, documentary etc.

For GNOME to take a screenshot I can simply press the PrtSc button and there is no extra work to save it. But in KDE, after pressing PrtSc I have to save it. Across many screenshots this is annoying and also takes time; however, I do like the UI of KDE.

So is there any way that I could take a screenshot like GNOME, without going through the additional process of saving the image, in KDE?

If currently there is no such option or program to do that, is it possible to make a program to solve it?

Best Answer

By default, Shift + PrtSc works for me. To change the shortcut key, have to check the hotkeys.

For newer versions of Plasma, the screenshot shortcut settings are under Shortcuts -> Custom Shortcuts. The screenshot below is for an older version.

enter image description here