Linux – What needs to run to stop the “start job… dev-disk-by\…” check on each boot

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I recently performed a VM disk resize, followed by a Gparted resize of /dev/sda1, followed by a dist-upgrade for Debian 8. I had to increase the VM disk size to accommodate the extra storage required for the upgrade.

Now, whenever I boot or reboot the VM, I get the following message along with its 1:30 second delay. The message is A start job is running for dev-disk-by\x2duui...{UUID}.device.

enter image description here

Searching for terms like "Debian start job check disk" tells me Debian (and Linux) does not use tools like check disk 😮

What do I need to do or run to stop this start job once and for all?

Best Answer

  • This message indicates a problem in /etc/fstab. Run the lsblk -f command to view a list of your devices and their UUIDs. Then make sure the entries in /etc/fstab are using the correct UUIDs.

    When I encountered this problem, my /etc/fstab had an entry for a swap partition, but lsblk -f revealed that I had no swap partition! Removing that entry from /etc/fstab solved the problem.

    Helpful link: A Start Job Is Running For dev-disk-by

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