Linux – Whats the difference between vi editor in Red Hat linux and Ubuntu


I realize a difference in vi editor of ReD Hat and Ubuntu. In my company, I'm working in Red Hat. In that, the vi editing commands working as usual. Say, 'dd' to delete,'p' to paste, 'yy' to yank, etc. But in Ubuntu, if I open the vi editor in terminal, then the commands are not working properly.

Even to switch vi to Insert mode, I am supposed to press 'I' many times. I can type coding after some struggle. I can't delete a letter by pressing 'Delete' button. If I press 'Up', 'Down','Left', 'Right' keys, then some alphabets are being written in it.

Why this is happening? How to resolve it? Is this because of Ubuntu?

Best Answer

  • Ubuntu comes with vim-tiny, which IMHO sucks.

    you need to install vim


    sudo apt-get install vim

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