Linux – Windows Vista not booting after deleting a partition


My cousin just deleted his Linux partition and another smaller partitio nand now Windows is not booting, no he does not have the recovery disc. When Windows tries to boot it goes to "GRUB" and says "partition not loaded". What are some GRUB commands? And is it possible to fix this without using the recovery CD? Thank you in advance.

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  • It sounds to me like he has deleted the 100Mb boot partition, or deleted and messed up the Windows boot loader.

    If he doesn't have a recovery disk, the best thing you can do is simply download a trial disk and burn it then boot from it.

    Windows PE should load (The installation environment) then choose the option to repair your machine.

    It should detect the problem and either (I am not to sure which), recreate the partition and copy the boot files or simply copy the boot loader and files to the active/primary partition.

    This will most likely delete GRUB, but next time you load, everything should be fine.

    The trial link is for Windows 7 Enterprise as that is all I could quickly find. Windows Vista and 7 bootloaders are compatible with each other.

    If however it does not automatically fix the problem, you can choose Command Prompt as a repair option, then manually rebuild the boot sector.

    Go in to Diskpart and make sure the main Windows drive is active (or recreate the 100Mb partition and set that to active).

    Next, type the following:

    bootrec /fixboot

    bootrec /fixmbr

    bootrec /rebuildbcd

    This should, scan for errors, fix and rebuild the boot sector and repopulate the menu.

    (If you want to read more about Bootrec, click here)

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