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I am on a windows 7 computer trying to access to a RHEL7 system via windows remote desktop.

Until today I (and others in my department) have been able to login to the RHEL machine using xrdp.

Today suddenly xrdp started rejecting the connections. I can see the green background login screen but it rejects the credentials (and those are fine).

I can ping to the server, connect via putty and use filezilla, but the remote desktop connection rejects the session login.

I have also tried to connect via remote desktop to another CENTOS machine and it works fine.

Any ideas?


~/.xsession-errors :

gnome-session-is-accelerated: llvmpipe detected.


[20171031-13:55:53] [DEBUG] TLSv1.2 enabled
[20171031-13:55:53] [DEBUG] TLSv1.1 enabled
[20171031-13:55:53] [DEBUG] TLSv1 enabled
[20171031-13:55:53] [DEBUG] Security layer: requested 3, selected 1
[20171031-13:55:53] [INFO ] connected client computer name: SPENATE7
[20171031-13:55:53] [INFO ] TLS connection established from port 51321: TLSv1.2 with cipher AES256-GCM-SHA384
[20171031-13:55:53] [DEBUG] xrdp_00007c0e_wm_login_mode_event_00000001
[20171031-13:55:53] [INFO ] Loading keymap file /etc/xrdp/km-0000040a.ini
[20171031-13:55:53] [WARN ] local keymap file for 0x0000040a found and doesn't match built in keymap, using local keymap file
[20171031-13:55:58] [DEBUG] xrdp_wm_log_msg: connecting to sesman ip port 3350
[20171031-13:55:59] [INFO ] xrdp_wm_log_msg: sesman connect ok
[20171031-13:55:59] [DEBUG] xrdp_wm_log_msg: sending login info to session manager, please wait...
[20171031-13:55:59] [DEBUG] return value from xrdp_mm_connect 0
[20171031-13:56:05] [INFO ] xrdp_wm_log_msg: login failed for display 0
[20171031-13:56:05] [DEBUG] xrdp_mm_module_cleanup
[20171031-13:56:05] [DEBUG] Closed socket 18 (AF_INET

/var/log/xrdp-sesman.log :

[20171031-12:58:20] [ERROR] X server -- no display in range is available
[20171031-12:58:20] [DEBUG] Closed socket 8 (AF_INET
[20171031-13:01:28] [INFO ] shutting down sesman 1
[20171031-13:01:28] [DEBUG] Closed socket 7 (AF_INET
[20171031-13:01:29] [CORE ] shutting down log subsystem...
[20171031-13:01:29] [DEBUG] libscp initialized
[20171031-13:01:29] [INFO ] starting xrdp-sesman with pid 14292
[20171031-13:01:29] [INFO ] listening to port 3350 on
[20171031-13:01:41] [INFO ] A connection received from port 35854
[20171031-13:01:41] [INFO ] ++ created session (access granted): username sanpen, ip - socket: 12
[20171031-13:01:41] [INFO ] starting Xvnc session...
[20171031-13:01:41] [DEBUG] Closed socket 9 (AF_INET
[20171031-13:01:41] [DEBUG] Closed socket 9 (AF_INET
[20171031-13:01:42] [DEBUG] Closed socket 9 (AF_INET
[20171031-13:01:42] [DEBUG] Closed socket 9 (AF_INET
[20171031-13:01:42] [DEBUG] Closed socket 9 (AF_INET
[20171031-13:01:42] [DEBUG] Closed socket 9 (AF_INET

Best Answer

  • I did have the same issue, that's how I solved but I don't really feel comfortable with the solution.

    You need to change in both and sesman.ini the field MaxSessions to a greater number than you already have. It seems that some sessions are not set freed in a proper way. Both files are in /etc/xrdp. You would need sudo privileges to edit them.

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