Windows – List all installed software on PC


Is there anything built in to Windows that would allow me to list all of the installed software on a computer in a fashion that can be copy/pasted to a spreadsheet? I know there is software that can do this, but I can't install anything. I'd prefer not to use a batch file if possible, but I imagine that is going to be the only way. Ideally, I would be able to output the same information as is shown on the (un-expanded) view of the Add/Remove Programs Form.

Best Answer

Fire up your console and type:

wmic product get name,version

It takes a while, but you'll get the full list of installed programs. WMIC is the console version of Windows Management Instrumentation, available from Windows 2000 and onwards. Following the instructions here and here, you can tell WMIC to output in an XML format, that might be a bit more convenient for you. However just calling wmic product get name will get you a list of application names, that you can easily copy paste to a text editor and convert to spreadsheet format.

Alternatively, enter:

wmic /output:C:\InstallList.txt product get name,version

This will output a TXT file with the list of programs. You can then paste that into a spreadsheet, if you want.


Also you can use the csv.xsl file to format the output into a CSV list of results:

wmic /output:C:\InstallList.csv product get /format:csv.xsl

or the htable.xsl file to create an HTML table of results:

wmic /output:C:\InstallList.htm product get /format:hform.xsl