List windows in irssi


How to list windows in irssi? I'm looking for the equivalent of :ls in vim (which lists the buffers).

For example, if I want to switch to a specific window (channel that I've joined), I have to search for it with ctrl-n and ctrl-p, sometimes switching through ~10 windows in the process. It would be preferable to list the windows with their titles and indeces, so that I could switch simply with alt-[index].

Best Answer

  • /win list

    The command /win list yields something like this:

    20:56 Ref  Name                 Active item     Server          Level
    20:56 1    (status)                             Freenode        ALL
    20:56 2                         #dailyminutes   DM              
    20:56 3                         #lhspodcast     Freenode