Windows – Locally encrypt Dropbox folder


I would like to encrypt the local copies of my Dropbox files, but not the online versions.

I have log on password protection (not BIOS) on my Windows 7 Ultimate laptop but that's easily circumvented by removing the hard disk and mounting it in another computer. If I lose my laptop, I want to make sure that any client information in my Dropbox doesn't fall into the wrong hands.

I'm not worried about the security of files in the cloud. I trust Dropbox to do a better job at securing my data than me. I also want to be able to access my files from my phone or from the web so encrypting files before uploading is not an option.

My question is: if I simply choose to encrypt the folder using Windows BitLocker encryption (in Folder properties > Advanced), does this fit my requirements? It seems to work but I haven't tried hacking it so I'd appreciate an informed opinion.

Best Answer

  • you can simply turn on bit locker encryption for the drive in which dropbox resides (if bitlocker is available atall with your version of windows 7 or you may try truecrypt) this way you will have a second layer of protection not only for the files in dropbox(local) but also other files in windows 7.this scrambles the data making it meaningless to anybody without a proper key.

    and if you like you may use this link to add an extra layer of security to yor dropbx (online). better safe than sorry.

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