Windows – Logitech LS21 recognized as 2.0 system – Windows 8.1 doesn’t detect Subwoofer

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I got my dad a Logitech LS21 system for Christmas. It's a 2.1 system, but it's recognized in Windows 8 as a 2.0 system (it says there is no subwoofer connected).

How would I go about getting the sub recognized? It plays some sound now, but it's so quiet you can't hear it without putting your ear right next to it.

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The sub has a dial for controlling the thump, at the back - Lots of 2.1 systems connect like a 2.0 system, with a stereo cord going to the subwoofer, with a crossover sending out sound to the speakers. In general subwoofers are more 'felt' than heard, but yours is probably turned down.

If you have a 5.1 or better system the subwoofer has its own connector but here, the magic is entirely done on the speaker's inbuilt amplifier. While your system will 'see' this as a two speaker system, its not. Everything is working as designed.

All you need to do is to turn up this knob to taste

enter link description here

(image captured from tigerdirect's youtube channel)

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