Loud grinding noise and blurred printouts on Samsung CLP-620ND laser printer


I have a Samsung CLP-620ND printer that has suddenly started making loud grinding noises every time it prints. It also blurs parts of the printouts most of the time as though something is smearing the toner prior to the paper reaching the fuser.

The service manual for this model of printer does not seem to cover noise, and the print quality troubleshooting in this manual does not seem to describe the problem. One review of the printer (that I can no longer find) suggested that the problem might be the paper transfer belt. Before I spend $130+ on a new paper transfer belt, I'd like to know if anyone agrees with this assessment.

What are the likely causes of this problem? How can I fix it? Are there parts I will need to replace?

Best Answer

This is going to be almost impossible for anyone else to diagnose. It might be the paper transfer roller (I saw one reference to 50,000 pages for it - how many does the printer have on it?). It might be a broken gear. It might be something else entirely.

I hate to say it, but with a replacement part that costs half as much as the printer, plus your time (or someone else's) for replacements if it requires any disassembly, is it worth repair? The printers appear to be available for $250-300 with shipping