Mac – 30″ monitor that supports mini DisplayPort?


I want to buy a 30" monitor to go with my new MacBook pro, but the 30" monitor in the Apple store seems to use a dual link DVI connection (which requires a $100 adapter).

Are there any 30" monitors that use mini DisplayPort?

Best Answer

  • No, currently Apple's 24 inch monitor is the only mini-displayport monitor. I haven't even found any monitors that have mini-display port connection, let alone be in the 30 inch size/resolution.

    Everything I have seen so far alternatively uses the full size display port. Dell's 3008/3007 and hp's 30 inch monitors are great alternatives if you are looking to save a few dollars.

    EDIT: Oo, I just found a mini-display port monitor. Not available in a 30inch though.