Mac – Change default settings in MacVim

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I want to do some changes in MacVim to suit my needs. I'm new in it, so stick with me.

The basic changes I want to do is to start the program with the following settings:

Line numbers activated
Top toolbar deactivated
Auto-indenting activated

I found out that you can write set lines=xx columns=yy to the /Users/USERNAME/.gvimrc file and it will change the default window width-height Also, you can change the color scheme with :colorscheme scheme in that file, too, but I don't know how to change the other settings.

I wanna give Vim a try, but the little things (like these) are important.

Best Answer

Line numbers:

:set number

Top toolbar deactivated:

:set guioptions-=T

Auto-indenting activated:

:filetype indent on

Be aware that you can turn off the menu bar as well, see ":help 'guioptions'".

Also, you may want to do ":filetype indent plugin on" as well as ":syntax on". See ":help :filetype".