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I have a vagrant box running on VirtualBox, and I need to make a copy (with all its existing config and data), so that I can make changes on it without affecting the original.

The problem is that my original box came as a file package – the internet connection where I'm working with is extremely slow so someone else copied their vagrant and virtualbox folders to my machine. Thus there is no


to use.

How can I accomplish this?

Edit: I am using Vagrant 1.2.2

Best Answer

Create a new box from your existing vm:

  • cd into the directory with your Vagrant file

  • run vagrant package This will export a box file called by default

  • run vagrant box add foo to add to your existing boxes. (Assuming you are using VirtualBox and not VMWare)

  • run vagrant box list to verify it was added.

Now you can just create a new folder, run vagrant init as normal and set your box to the following: = "foo"

The new VM will spin up with the exact data that was present in the previous VM.

Vagrant Documentation

Additionally checkout a new product from the creators of Vagrant called Packer. It will do this same thing, but allow you to copy your vm's to other providers (Amazon, VirtualBox ect..)


Newer versions of Vagrant have two commands that make the above steps unnecessary.

vagrant share
vagrant package

Vagrant share will upload your box to atlas
Vagrant package will create a .box file automatically.

For more information, type in vagrant --help