Mac – Keyloggers and Virtualization

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Whilst pondering about security, and setting up different VM for certain online activities deemed more risky or requiring extra security (banking, or visiting untrusted websites, etc), I came to think about how such a setup (different VMs for different uses) would defend me against a keylogger.

So, two questions then:

1: If a keylogger has been installed inside a VM, can it capture data outside its own VM?

2: The opposite, does a keylogger in a host capture strokes typed within a VM residing in that host?

My bet would be No and Yes respectively, but I really have no idea. Anyone else does?

Best Answer

    1. No

    2. Yes

    A keylogger runs as software or driver within the machine, it will be limited to the virtual machine it is on.

    If the keylogger is installed on a host, it will capture all data on the host. It is possible that some virtualisation software has its own hook that overwrites the keylogger, but I doubt it.