Mac – ny way to auto-decline meeting invites based on rules like for mail


So we have a huge team and lately I'm constantly getting "Joe Schmuckatelli Dentist Appointment" and stuff like that and I really don't need to know this info….they are either on slack/Lync or they are not. I silently decline that crap because I have enough legit meetings on my calendar.

Is there any way to set up a rule in Outlook for Mac that allows me to silently decline any meetings that match the rules of say, To: #teamname and contain “WFH”, “OOO”, “PTO” etc?

Best Answer

It's complicated but to actually decline the meeting you can do the following:

A hack is to auto-hide meeting invites from the calendar view by:

  • Create an Outlook Category called "Invisible"
  • Create a mail rule to auto-tag meeting invites with the "Invisible" category
  • Change the calendar view to not display items in the "Invisible" category
  • Outlook Calendar View → View (tab) → View Settings (button) → Filter (button) → Advanced (tab) → Field "Categories" : "doesn't contain" : "Invisible"