Macos – Mac OS X read/write NTFS support


I am trying to get read/write support for NTFS drives, under Mac os 10.6.

I have tried to use NTFS 3G, but it seems it does not support 64 bit kernels. I was unable to change my Mac's Kernel to 32 bit.

Is there a solution?

I am running Snow Leopard, under a 2011 MBP13

I am getting the following error.

Error message

After running system_profile | grep Kernel I get:

ForkProBox:~ fork$ system_profiler | grep Kernel 
      Kernel Version: Darwin 10.7.1
      64-bit Kernel and Extensions: Yes

I have ran the commands suggested here is their output Error tracking

Best Answer

After so many tail arounds I went with Mac OS X own support for NTFS read/write.

For that I have used SL-NTFS.