Mac – pass Internet Connection on to a virtual machine, but forbid it on host

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I've got the following situation.

I've got one physical machine which is connected to the Internet.

It runs one virtual machine which can be made to utilize the host Internet connection.

I wish to disable the Internet Connection on the host machine but only forward it to the virtual machine.

Is there any trick or a smart configuration or a registry entry or something to "break" the Internet access on the host machine to all applications, processes and services but only let it be used from the virtual machine?

Basically I wish to have a safe working environment on the physical machine and have an isolated virtual space for browsing.

The virtualization technology is Hyper-V.


My host machine effectively has two physical network adapters:

  • Intel WLAN Adapter
  • Gigabit Ethernet Adapter

I'm currently using WLAN connection to the router. Ethernet is unused.

Best Answer

The correct way to do this is have two network adapters on your server. Hyper-V allows the guest OS's to have exclusive use on a network adapter that is on the host, so the host will not be able to use that adapter at all.

enter image description here

Just un-check the box for Allow management operating system to share this network adapter

If you are willing to live with no network access at all you can just un-check that box for the only adapter on your system. For the times you do need it, just check that box temporarily then un-check it when you are done.

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