Mac Pro eSata Snow Leopard


I have a Mac Pro:

Model Identifier: MacPro1,1
Processor Name: Dual-Core Intel Xeon

I was using a cheap eSata PCIe card that used the sii3132 drivers to run an Edgestore DAS200 under Leopard and all was well.

Apparently Snow Leopard doesn't like the drivers, so rather than risk my Data I'm now running the DAS200 via USB.

I wonder if anyone can recommend from personal experience a reasonably priced (UK available) PCIe eSATA card that is compatible with Snow Leopard?

Best Answer

Why don't you just get an eSATA bracket and pull it to one of the SATA connectors in your Mac Pro? Much more elegant, much better, and no need to worry about driver support.

eSATA bracket

If you really must have an eSATA PCI-E card for any reason... then good recommendations are from FirmTek (which doesn't use the Sil3132 chipset). Firmtek, who writes their own drivers, have pledged support for 10.6.