Mac – Recommendation for memory pairing in a 13″ MacBook Pro

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I know usually it's better to run the memory on dual channel, if possible, with a Kit of 2x2GB, but at the moment my laptop has 2x1gb and I wanted to upgrade it.

Which means, I can either buy a kit of 2x2gb and try to sell the 2x1gb I already have, since the laptop only has 2 slots, or I can buy 1x4gb (also a bit more expensive) and add keep one of the 1gb dimms, making it 5gb non dual channel.

From what I hear, dual channel only gives you performance increase of 3-5%, so I'm unsure of which option to pick.

Best Answer

From what I remember from the upgrades at work recently, the MacBook Pro's will only run in pair combination of the same memory types and sizes. Therefore the only recommended and supported configuration is 2X2GB = 4GB.

The few we did try and mix memory in did not even boot. However, I am not saying that this hasn't been done, and there is the odd chance that it will work. In the older model MacBook which I own the bigger modules were not supported. Ie. 2GB + 1GB would not work together at all.

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