Macbook pro won’t turn on after battery died

macbook promacbook-pro-retinapower

My macbook pro retina was working perfectly fine up until last night. I put it in sleep mode at around 11% battery left thinking I'll charge it tomorrow.

Approx 12 hours later it won't turn on at all.

I plugged in the charger and let charge till the light went green but it's not turning on.

I've tried and smc reset but still no luck.

It doesn't have a battery pack.

Best Answer

The SMC usually helps in situations like that, but you might try some of the other boot commands. I've had different ones fix various problems randomly.

  • Hold Shift on boot - Safe mode
  • CMD+V - Verbose mode
  • CMD+R - Recovery mode
  • CMD+P+R - Reset PRAM

Start by holding the power button for 5 seconds to make sure it is fully off before each command.

I'd also connect a display to it and see if you get any feedback.