Macos – Handling Junk Email with Apple and Gmail


I've just setup my Apple Mail client to work with Google Apps through IMAP. One lingering question is how to best handle SPAM (Junk Mail), however.

In their Help section, Google recommends that we disable junk filtering on the client.

This leads me to wonder what we should do when a junk message makes it past Google's filter?

  • Do I just delete the message? If I do, the Google spam filter will never improve and "learn" that the message was junk.

  • Do I have to log in to the web interface at Google to mark the message as spam? That seems a bit arduous for every spam email I get.

What's the best way to handle this? Thanks!

Best Answer

By dragging and dropping within the SPAM folder, Google (Gmail) will learn that that particular email has SPAM characteristics.

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