Macos – How to download big file with chrome on Mac OSX


If I try to download a big file on unstable connection/server (XCode 4) Google chrome simply "stops" downloading on first network error so I have a first 1-2-3 gigabytes of file and chrome thinks that download is finished.

Unfortunately, I need to download an entire file, so I need a more advanced download tool like a wget. But there comes a problem: most URL's currently on the web is not a direct URL but multiple "redicrect" pages that utilize complex javascript in order to generate next url and redirect browser to it. Chrome handles such things ok, but if I try to supply such URL to wget it will download some "intermediate" page as a file – not a file itself but an HTML page with complex redirect javascript.

is it any way to get a direct URL from chrome or to somehow discover it so I can use it with wget? Maybe it's some avanced download manager integrated in chrome that I just need to install? I use MacOS X 10.6.6 and latest Google chrome.

Best Answer

The actual path to the downloaded file is stored in the file's metadata when downloading using Safari. Open the file's Get Info dialog to see it. enter image description here

I'm not sure if it also applies to Chrome.