Macos – How to get iTerm to open a group of windows when it’s started


Apple's Terminal app allows you to save a Windows Group. It seems like iTerm probably has a similar sort of function, but I can't figure how to do it. Right now, it opens one window which is the wrong size, and wrong location.

Best Answer

  • You want to look at the "Bookmarks" feature.

    • Open the bookmarks interface (Menu Bookmarks -> Manage Bookmarks).
    • Click the new folder button (red + on a blue folder).
    • Select the new folder and click the add button (+).
    • Edit the bookmark name, command, profile settings etc as desired.

    Launch the bookmarks from the menu.

    To launch a bookmark as the default, select the bookmark and check button "Set as default" in the middle of the bottom toolbar on the manage bookmark pane. This seems only to work on a toplevel bookmark, not a sub-level item.