Macos – How to get rid of Adobe Download Akamai software on a Mac


I installed Adobe's Download Manager Software when I was downloading a CS4 trial. It was called Akamai. I can not seem to get rid of this pesky thing.

I have Little Snitch installed so I was annoyed that it showed that this app would phone home for updates every login. I felt this was an unnecessary process I wanted rid of.

I've uninstalled it using App Cleaner. Now on login the Akamai app does not produce any Little Snitch prompts. "SoftwareUpdateCheck" does.

SoftwareUpdateCheck wants to connect to on TCP 80.

SoftwareUpdateCheck is /System/Library/CoreServices/

How do I rid myself of this?

Mac OS X 10.6

Best Answer

  • Akamai is a Content Delivery Network (CDN) company that large companies use to distribute their content.

    In your case, Adobe's software was being distributed via that network, and it appears that you may have removed the offending software. Akamai is not directly related to Adobe, rather Adobe was using Akamai's services.

    SoftwareUpdateCheck is Apple's software updater, and Apple as well uses Akamai as one CDN to distribute their updates. You do not want to remove this software as it is necessary for Apple OS and software updates.