Macos – How to pause TTS in Mac Safari when not using full VoiceOver mode

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I normally use OS X in visual mode, with just the cursor and fonts a bit bigger.

But when reading long web pages I do like the Text-To-Speech feature. You highlight some text and then a hot-key (Control-Escape on my particular system)

Although pressing that key combination again stops the playback, it resets the speaker to the start of the highlighted text. So if I do the key-combo a third time to resume, it starts all over at the top.

My workaround so far is to highlight smaller sections of text, but this is more manual.

I'd like to find hotkeys that will:

  • Pause and resume where I left off
  • It would also be nice to jump back one sentence or paragraph.

Other things I've looked at:

  • VoiceOver does have some pause/resume and sentence navigation, but the rest of Voice Over is WAY overkill. I was wondering if there's any way to just use 1 or 2 features, but disable the rest?
  • I see some of the third party programs in the App Store let you Pause. BUT they require you to copy and paste into a separate program, which takes you out of the context of the web page. Usually I'm reading technical doc so losing the diagrams and tables isn't good. Also, copying and pasting is even more of a hassle.

Wondering if you folks have any ideas?

Usually I'm in Safari, but I could also use Firefox or Chrome if that made things easier (like some browser specific plugin)


Best Answer

This is one other way. You can save the entire document as txt file and open it with any browser of yours, tested on chrome or safari. Select all and right click, then "add to itunes as spoken track." It will take a few minutes and then you will have an audio file you can play. Press pause key on the keyboard to pause or resume while reading.

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