Macos – How to reinstall Python 2.7 on macOS Mojave


I wanted to install Python 3.7.2 on my MacBook Pro (2015) running Mojave and it would not install correctly and in attempt to trash the incorrect install I trashed the installed Python 2.7 version.

How do I reinstall Python 2.7 to correct my mistake and where to I go to make the correction? New to programming so very limited knowledge, now nothing works.

Best Answer

Mac comes with Python 2.7 by default. So did you mean that you downloaded Python 2 from here and deleted it, or that you uninstalled Python 2.7?

If you just downloaded the installer and deleted it, that shouldn't be a problem. Since Mac comes with Python 2 by default, if you haven't gotten rid of it, you should be able to open up a terminal and type in python to get a Python 2 prompt.

If you somehow uninstalled Python 2.7, then you can download a new copy of Python 2.7 from this page. (You probably want the "macOS 64-bit installer"). Download it and install it (I think the built-in app Installer can open it) and you should have Python 2 back again.

If you have some other issue (I'm not sure what you mean by "now nothing works") please specify in a comment, with the error messages if there are any, and I'll edit this answer.

Hope this helped!

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