Macos – How to set default startup disk from Mac Startup Manager?


When starting a Mac computer, the option key can be held down to invoke the Startup Manager. From here, choices are given for possible boot volumes. Is there a way to make the selected volume the new default boot volume?

I wish to boot volumes other than just Windows and OS X. This was possible from OS X System Preferences before El Capitan (OS X 10.11). System Integrity Protection (SIP) now prevents this. Since the Startup Manager ignores SIP and also detects more boot volumes than System Preferences, I now desire to use the Startup Manager to set the default startup volume.

Best Answer

Go to System Preferences → Startup Disk → Choose the disk and restart

The next time you start up or restart your computer, your Mac starts up using the operating system on the selected volume.

Another trick which I cannot verify is to hold Ctrl and then Click on the disk after invoking startup manager at boot time. If the trick works, ↑ upwards pointing arrow should turn into a circle.