Macos – I can’t access Apple Font Tools via the terminal


I have a situation where I need to edit a given font. but after installing font tools on mac os mojave, and enter these commands on the terminal : "ftxdumperfuser -t hhea -A d font.ttf" The command is not found.

I'm quite new to Apple and mac excuse me if this question is kind of silly.

I followed this tutorial, and open my "/usr/bin:/usr/sbin…" folders to check for the binaries but didn't find the ftxdumperfuser binary anywhere.

Please does anyone know how to solve this and edit fonts ?

Best Answer

  • The only way I got it working right now is to:

    • Download the font tools package from Apple. Found them at, picked the one for XCode 11.
    • Mount the dmg file
    • Enter the disk image cd /Volumes/macOS\ Font\ Tools
    • Extract the package to a folder of your choosing: pkgutil --expand-full macOS\ Font\ Tools.pkg ~/font-tools
    • The CLI tools are now available in ~/font-tools/FontCommandLineTools.pkg/Payload, you may add the folder to your path, or copy the utils to your bin folder.