Macos – Mac Rogue Process in Activity Monitor launchd/Installer eating up memory/cpu


So I have a process called Installer that eats up memory on my Mac OSX 10.9. It's called "Installer" which makes it hard to Google! Please see image:

What could this be? It pops up intermittently and I can't figure out where it's coming from – whats the first steps for troubleshooting?

Best Answer

  • I had the same problem for the last two days on my iMac and I think it is solved now!

    Do the following:

    • Look inside: Users/admin/Library/LaunchAgents.

    If you see any file with "genieo" in the name, delete it. I found these two:


    • Look inside: Users/admin/Library/Application Support.

    If you see any file/folder with "genieo" in the name, delete it. I found this:


    I was able to track this down by looking in my Activity Monitor application:

    Activity Monitor

    This has worked for me. Good luck and I hope this helps.

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