Macos – On Mac, where does the Microsoft AutoUpdate save the downloaded files


I have a macbook with Mac OS X El Captain Version 10.11.2.

After the Microsoft AutoUpdate finishes its job, one window will pop up, asking if you want to install all the updates. If you select yes, you will go through all the updates.

If you select cancel or no, the Microsoft AutoUpdate will scan your Office suite again, and ask you again if you want to download all the updates you seem to have just downloaded.

Where does the Microsoft Office Suite Updates saves on the Mac?

Attached pictures demonstrate the situation.

Microsoft AutoUpdate

Say, if I click cancel here, I would have to re-download all the updates again if I can't find where the downloads are.

Note: Why do I want to know this? It's because I accidentally hit cancel after the AutoUpdate finished its job, and I could not find the update download.

Best Answer

There are usually in folders named MSau_xxxx (xxxx is a 4 or 5 digit number) somewhere in /private/var/folders/

Go to the Terminal and execute this to find the exact location:

find /private/var/folders -name MSau_\*