Macos – One Mac computer with multiple network connections


I have a Mac (OS X 10.5) that I would like to connect to a dedicated/isolated Internet connection (one that is not connected to the LAN), and a LAN.

The LAN is set up with its own, separate, Internet connection which is shared by several dozen computers (and is quite slow).

I want to set it up so that the Mac uses its own dedicated Internet connection (on a different account with a different company) for its Internet access, but can still access the local area network as well.

How can I configure the Mac & the network to allow this?

Best Answer

You cannot connect to 2 access points / LAN's at once over the same physical interface.

What you can do is set up more than one virtual network interface over a single physical interface.

For example (on a terminal):

sudo ifconfig en1 inet add

this will add a new connection (on the 42 subnet) on the en1 interface (normally en1 = wifi, en0 = wired).

So you should connect your DSL service to the same LAN (on a different subnet than the rest of the LAN users if necessary), and then set up the default connection to access your DSL, and a virtual connection to access the LAN.

But it requires some basic networking knowledge/tinkering plus probably some scripts to automate the whole thing.