Macos – OSX El Captian: How to switch screen without Apple Magic Mouse or Tracking pad


I just update my mac to El Captian. I find that maximize button forces applications into full screen mode. I'm ok with this but I cannot switch screen since I don't have a multi-touch device.
Actually I'm bridging my ordinary mouse from another PC (windows) to this mac with Synergy.
How can I switch screen without a multi touch device?

Best Answer

Use whatever shortcut keys you would like to define for moving between spaces, in System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts. Default should be control+ and control+, but you can change it.

enter image description here

An alternative method is to define a Hot Corner to toggle Mission Control.

Additionally, note that for most applications, you should be able to hold down option (perhaps alt depending on your key mapping), to override the default full screen behaviour.