Macos – Tweaking Mac OS X full-screen console mode


When using the full-screen console mode in Mac OS X accessed by entering the username '>console', I would like to use a different keyboard layout and would like support for colors.

The terminal seems to be set to vt100 while Terminal windows use xterm-color, but I can't figure out how to change that (if that is even the way to enable color).

I also grep'd for loadkeys under /etc to try to determine where the keyboard layout was being loaded, but came up with nothing.

Best Answer

  • For your keyboard layout you might find you'd have to manually remap keys; sadly I'm only familiar with doing this for an X11 manager. Perhaps that notion will set you in the right direction.

    For your coloring needs, type this in:

    export TERM=xterm-color

    It will switch your term to xterm-color like Terminal, then try ls -G (color mode for ls).