Macos – Using OpenVPN from Mac OSX Terminal, cannot load Tun/Tap


I am looking to use OpenVPN straight from the terminal instead of using a gui such as tunnelblick – but am encountering a couple of problems. I have tested my config file and it works fine so it is not the config fault.

The command I am running is

./openvpn connection.ovpn

The error message that I am getting is

Wed Mar  6 13:22:57 2013 us=528389 Cannot allocate TUN/TAP dev dynamically
Wed Mar  6 13:22:57 2013 us=528401 Exiting due to fatal error

Which seems to be implying that a tun/tap kext cannot be found. I have tried to run the command

sudo kextload tun.kext

immediately prior to this and it seemed to load fine but I still get the above error. I am using the 64-bit tun.kext from the TunnelBlick project so it should not be a problem with the kext itself. Any ideas?

Best Answer

It turns out that the above problem was quite simple. OpenVPN has to be run with administrative privileges. So, instead run

sudo ./openvpn connection.ovpn