Macos – Zip recursive with excluding some directories

command linemacosunixzip

I would like to zip the directory but exclude some subdirectories. Let's say I have such structure:

   subdirectory 1
   subdirectory 2
     project 1
         directory 1 
         ... (other directories)
     project 2
         directory 2 
         ... (other directories) 

I would like to ZIP the whole main directory but I would like to exclude paths like this:



  • * – is one-level directory
  • ** – is directory with any files and subdirectories

The problem is that those project 1 and project 2 are quite dynamic – there are multiple of them. Also notice that vendor directories (and also in theory node_modules) can be placed in some other places for example in project 1/html/public/vendor so I wouldn't like to exclude just vendor subdirectory but only specific vendor subdirectory that is located exactly in given html directories of projects.

Is it possible to make such complex thing using just zip command or maybe some bash script should be written for this?

I'm using MacOS if it makes any difference.

What I've achieved so far is:

cd directory && zip  * -r -T -x */*/html/vendor/** */*/html/node_modules/**

It seems it almost works but it creates empty vendor and node modules directories (but not include their content)

Best Answer

It seems solution is:

cd directory && 
zip  * -r -T -x "*/*/html/vendor/" "*/*/html/node_modules/" "*/*/html/vendor/**" "*/*/html/node_modules/**"

so I exclude everything in this directories and those directories too and also wrap everything in quotes to be expanded in valid way