Windows – Make a hard link without extra programs in Windows 7

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My objective here is to synchronize my emule credit file (application.dat?) by Dropbox. But the credit file is not inside the Dropbox directory (by default). So I want to make a hard link to get this objective done.

I know I can make a hard link by Perl in Windows. (I learnt Perl in Windows XP. Only hard link is valid in Windows XP.) But it sounds like overkilling to me to make that done by installing new software, as I expect I am not going to use Perl in the near future.

Any ideas? The simpler, the better.

Best Answer

You can use the mklink command like :

mklink /H <link> <target>

I guess that should work, but I don't know what would happen if you use eMule on the same time at two different locations regarding the syncing.

If you want to link to a directory instead of a file, use the following command:

mklink /J <link> <target>

Note: This will create a junction rather than a symlink. Junctions are for when the target and source are not on the same volume.